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from the Middle Ages up to the present day

Located in the heart of the medieval Giudecca in Lecce, the Jewish Museum is a place for meeting, promoting culture and dialogue, besides being a reference point for discovering the traditions and the history of the Jewish community that inhabited Lecce in the late Middle Ages. Above all the Museum's aim is to enhance the cultural heritage, by reconstructing one of the missing piece of the cultural mosaic of the medieval Lecce, paying specific attention to the local Jewish community.

From the will of the founding members of the Jewish Museum of Lecce the MAiDE art gallery was opened in 2022. It is dedicated to contemporary art and houses the works of international artists of Jewish and non-Jewish culture as well as a place for painting workshops and events.

Visitors to the museum can see the pools that were once used for ritual bathing (mikwa’ot), the doorpost groove that housed the sacred parchment with religious verses from the Scriptures (mezuzah), as well as significant remains of the church that partially incorporated the earlier synagogue.

Visitors are invited to follow the threads linking the Jewish presence in Lecce and Salento from the Middle Ages up to the present day.

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Joining the Membership program of the Jewish Museum Lecce (JML) means supporting a cultural institution in the heart of Salento, which has been designed as an international meeting point for reflection on the memory and identity of cultures.

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Thanks to the help of those who believed in the project, the museum activity has expanded over the years: it has become a hub of exhibitions that offer local and international audiences themes for reflection on Jewish identity and on the dialogue between different cultures.

ONGOING EXHIBITION: Shades of Israel. Twelve contemporary Israeli Artists meet three Apulia Museums: Lecce, Trani and Polignano a Mare.

Date: from October 3rd, 2023

Curated by Fiammetta Martegani, with the contribution of Pugliapromozione AReT.

    My Altneuland, a collective exhibition of ten contemporary Israeli artists representing the different voices, religions, and identities of Israel.
    Ludmilla, a solo exhibition by Maria Saleh, Arab Israeli-Ukrainian Israeli-Ukrainian artist, winner in 2023 of the Rapoport award as best Israeli artist of the year.
    Terra Infirma, a solo exhibition by Tsibi Geva, one of the most relevant contemporary Israeli artists, who represented Israel during the 2015 Venice Biennale.
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Jewish Puglia


Two thousand years of Jewish presence in Puglia

The Jewish Museum Lecce presented the new website Jewish Puglia on October the 2nd, 2023, at the Palace of the Presidency of the Region in Bari. The project, funded by Pugliapromozione, includes a map of places and itineraries of the Jewish presence in Puglia over the centuries, realized by the Jewish Museum of Lecce. The map can be viewed on the website and it will be distributed in paper in Italian, English and Hebrew language.

MAiDE, a new gallery dedicated to contemporary art

In the area of the ancient Jewish district

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