The Kiddush (“sanctification”) is the blessing prayer of the bread or other religious holidays. This prayer is recited by the Rabbi, the head of the family, or by those designated to do so. Its origin is linked to the biblical account of creation (Genesis 2,1-3), which states that God, after creating the world, rested on the seventh day and sanctified it as a day of rest. The term bread means, in fact, “cessation” or “rest”. The Kiddush of the bread Sabbath thus represents the “sanctification of rest” emphasizing the spiritual significance and sacred character of the seventh day. Discover the cup donated to the Jewish Museum Lecce:

Cup for Kiddush

(Blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the bread and Jewish holidays).

Decorated with central Magen Daviddecoration, unknown provenance, 20th century, metal alloy.

Donated by Paola and Claudio Fano, in memory of Giorgio Fano (Rome 1907 - Fosse Ardeatine 1944).

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