Curated by: Giuseppe Caridi

Date: September 29, 2021 - October 16, 2021

Place: Jewish Museum Lecce

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Giuseppe Caridi, from Gallipoli, is a tireless traveller.
He visited 150 countries with seven passports. His camera, faithful companion of his wanderings, allows him to grasp the precise aspects of his goals and to transform his gaze into dream images that reflect his deepest human experience.
Caridi’s shots immediately hit the viewer’s attention. Upon closer observation, one can perceive its complexity and understand how they are the result of intense and constant study.
The annual theme of the European Day of Jewish Culture - "Dialogues" - is reflected in our choice, aimed at emphasizing the continuity of relations between Jewish communities and surrounding societies.
The images of Caridi testify the close relationship of European Judaism (and not only) with the surrounding social fabric: in art, in fashion, In daily traditions one cannot fail to perceive the dialogical mechanisms that have allowed Judaism to remain faithful to its own identity by welcoming external elements and exchanging aspects of its own self with the outside.


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